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Make Your Bathroom Cleaning Practical With The Right Green Products​

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Cleaning the bathroom does not need to be a disgusting task. You can clean your bathroom faster with the right bathroom cleaning products. Look, at today’s point in history, bathroom cleaning is easier than ever! With the technology advancements and knowledge, getting your bathroom cleaner without harsh chemicals is uncomplicated.

At CAHOCS you will find an arsenal of bathroom cleaning products that allow you to target every square inch of your loo. We got you covered from toilet bowl cleaner and bathtub cleaner, all the way to glass cleaner and air fresheners!

Instead of using products that contain synthetic dyes, chlorine, ammonia, and other harmful ingredients, like triclosan, these bathroom cleaning products are produced in smart ways with natural products… Including food waste! One way or another, these products also tend to do a better than average job at minimizing their green footprint. These gentle non-toxic bathroom cleaners not only leave your bathroom spotless, but they also are septic safe.

We dedicate extra time and effort to find bathroom cleaners without harmful chemicals, and even some cleaners without a strong smell.

But how can you clean your bathroom?

It’s pretty easy if you break it into smaller tasks. There are 7 sections in your bathroom:

    • Ceiling and Walls
    • Floor
    • Tub / Shower
    • Toilet
    • Counter Top
    • Medicine Cabinet
    • Windows and mirrors

So let’s go ahead and grab your bathroom cleaning products:

Towels or ragsBaking Soda
Paper TowelsSponge
All-purpose CleanerToilet Bowl Brush
DisinfectantTrash Bag
Glass CleanerFloor Mop
Tub and Tile CleanerCleaning Toothbrush
Toilet CleanerSqueegee

And now you are ready to jump into the bathroom for the next half an hour or so! 

1- Organize and Pre-Treat

Put everything away, including towels and laundry
Found something that doesn’t belong? Just take it outside the bathroom and deal with it later
Remove everything that may get damaged if wet (magazines, toilet paper)
Pre-treat toilet bowl and shower area with bathroom cleaner now. Give the product time to break up the deposit 

2- Treat Dusty Areas

Clean the wall/ceiling junctions with a microfiber towel
Clean the floor moulding. This step may require you to go on your fours and scrub the molding.
Wipe the towel racks.

3- Take Care of the Medicine Cabinet

If you are doing a deep cleaning, remove everything out of the cabinet onto a paper towel.
Clean the shelves, and wipe and return every item back into the cabinet
Make sure the item’s bottoms are clean
At this point, remove your stuff from the shower

4- Back to the Toilet

By now the cleaner should have acted.
Use paper towels to remove the toilet cleaner. Throw the dirty ones on a trash bag, not the bowl!
Lastly, use the toilet bowl brush

5- Back to the Shower 🙂

Re-apply tub and tile cleaner on the shower walls and scrub them from top to bottom
Use a toothbrush with baking soda for spot cleaning grout between tiles
Rinse walls with water and dry them with a squeegee 
Time to clean the tub itself:
Clean it with a sponge and use a rag to dry
Polish the chrome with a dry cloth
Replace back all your shower items
If your shower has shower doors, now it’s the time to take care of them.
Use glass cleaner and paper towels

6- Take Care of the Counter

Start with the countertop. Use rags and, if necessary, a sponge for the sink
Use a toothbrush for not easily accessible areas
Clean the mirror with glass cleaner and paper towels
Clean the counter front and sides with rags

7- Disinfect All Points of Contact

Door handles
Toilet flusher

8- Clean the Floors

If the area is small, consider doing it by hand with a sponge and wipes
If you like using a lot of water, use a mop

9- Replace everything that needs to go back in the bathroom

10- Use an air freshener 

11- Throw trash away

Enjoy a clean bathroom!

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