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Our noses connect directly to the part of the brain that deals with memory, learning, and emotions. That creates a strong link between air fresheners scents and past experiences: fresh-baked pie takes you back to granny’s house, or grass recently cut reminds you of your vacations when you were a kid…

According to Fifth Sense, the sense of smell is the most memorable of the senses, and the strongest way to influence behavior, and the scent of your air freshener will impact the experience of your guests.

Jazmine may reduce depression and promote attention, lavender is known to encourage calmness and wellness, and citrus aromas tend to reduce stress.

The intensity of a fragrance impacts whether it is pleasant or not. Neutral scents tend to be more displeasing when it becomes too strong. So, in an office environment, we are safe to say that neutral aromas are best, but the more subtle the scent, the better. However, at home, where we use more enjoyable smells, the optimal intensity will be higher than that at the office or store.

Our eco-friendly Air Fresheners and Candles are made without carcinogens or chemicals. They use plant and naturally derived fragrances, that may trigger positive emotions. They also affect on stress, depression, apathy, happiness, sensuality, relaxation, and stimulation.

Check our selection of Air Fresheners and Candles to find the right aroma for you and your family.

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