Oxyfresh Dog Toothpaste
Oxyfresh Cat and Dog Toothpaste – 4 oz
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Oxyfresh Cat and Dog Toothpaste – 4 oz


  • Oxyfresh doesn’t just mask bad pet breath; we safely neutralize it at the source.
  • This is the ultimate way to clean pets’ teeth, fight pet periodontal disease, and strengthen and soothe gums.
  • Helps reduce the risk of oral disease by providing daily advanced plaque and tartar control for dogs and cats.
  • Promotes healing by neutralizing bacteria and hydrating the tissue for a healthier pet.
  • It isn’t loaded with artificial flavors or additives.
  • Alcohol free.
  • Tasteless and odorless.
  • Easy to use, just apply directly to gumline with finger, no toothbrush needed.
  • Formula is completely safe for all pets and delivers results pet parents can count on.
  • Zero harsh chemicals, and no alcohol so it won’t sting or irritate delicate gum tissue.

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